Now you can replace crazed, pitted, cracked or broken windows on your EC120 or EC130 helicopter with high quality replacement windows from Tech-Tool Plastics.

Tech-Tool Plastics designs and manufactures a full line of FAA-certified standard and custom acrylic replacement windows for Airbus EC120/130 helicopters. Available products include windshields, skylights, and forward and aft door windows.

Having problems with your EC120/130 windows cracking? Rough landings? Optional Reinforced Edging is available on most windows and windshields for the EC120 and/or EC130, adding life to your ship’s windows.

Tech-Tool windows are available with a variety of options. The forward-door windows come standard with slides, which is ideal for many missions. However, forward door windows are also available without slides, which is an important feature for operators, including law enforcement, who require maximum visibility. EC120 and EC130 windows are available tinted or clear.

Available for all doors with slides are the Window Latch and Air Vent Assemblies.

The Window Lock Option keeps slides from blowing open during flight and reduces pilferage when the helicopter is unattended.

The Air Vent Assembly provides and efficient, cost-effective method to control outside air flow for cabin ventilation and cooling when the slide is open.