Tech-Tool Plastics, Inc. has been in the plastics business for more than 45 years. We began by designing plaster mockups and precision fiberglass aircraft tooling for other companies in the aviation industry. We then turned to manufacturing helicopter replacement windows. We saw a need in the industry for high quality windows that were affordable. Our extensive tooling expertise produces windows that fit perfect every time, requiring little or no trimming and extending the life of the transparency. This quality meets and exceeds that of the OEM and results in significant savings in installation time and labor to our customers.

Tech-Tool manufactures a full line of replacement windows for AirbusBell, MD Helicopters, and Schweizer. Our sole business is providing helicopter transparencies, allowing us to focus all of our efforts on creating the best product available. In addition to standard windows, we have developed many exclusive specialty windows not offered by other manufacturers. These windows enhance many helicopter operations and fulfill specific requirements requested by our customers. They include custom photography and observation windows, as well as clear-view “Cabin Comfort” windows which enhance cabin space.

Please call us at 1-817-246-4694 or send us an e-mail requesting more information.

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