Tech-Tool Plastics designs, manufactures, and stocks a complete range of standard and custom windows that are optically true while fitting and working beautifully. In addition to our standard windows, which are available in clear or tinted (in a variety of colors), with pop-out air vents, and vertical or horizontal slides, Tech-Tool Plastics offers an array of specialty windows.

We specialize in the design and manufacture of the finest helicopter replacement transparencies available today. The company’s 40+ years of experience with helicopter windows results in a full inventory of superior quality products that will fit correctly and install quickly and easily. In addition, innovation in research and development allows us to manufacture windows that improve your helicopter’s operations. Clear-view Cabin Comfort windows with extra shoulder and elbow room, Logging Bubbles, Camera and Quick Change (Rubber Mounted) windows are just some examples of our versatility. Tech-Tool windows are FAA, EASA, CAA, LBA, and Transport Canada approved.

Clear or Tinted?

It’s up to you – all of our standard and specialty windows are available in standard Clear or custom tints: Blue, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Smoke Gray, Light Gray, Bronze or Dark Gray tinted acrylic.

Window Accessories

Are you in need of a Window Latch Assembly, Window Vent Assembly or Snap Vent? You’ve come to the right place.

Eurocopter EC145C Helicopter | Tech-Tool Plastics

Quick Change Rubber-Mounted Windows

rubber mounted windowsThese windows mount with a rubber seal and can be used as a replacement for traditional rivet-in installation. These windows save installation time by eliminating rivets and repainting.