Quick-change windows save installation time and reduce replacement costs. If the window is damaged, replace the glass with a pop-out replacement window. Available for all door windows and chin bubbles, they fit better, eliminate rivets, install easier and eliminate repainting.

Special application vertical and horizontal slide camera windows have large openings to facilitate photography and observation. They are made with extra stiffeners to prolong the life of the window and have a unique locking mechanism to secure the slide in place.

Available for all door windows with slides, the window latch/handle assemblies keeps slides from blowing open during flight and reduces pilferage when the helicopter is unattended. Also available for these windows, the window vent assembly provides an efficient, cost-effective method to control outside air flow for cabin ventilation and cooling when the slide is open.

Tech-Tool Plastics offers forward and aft logging bubbles. These are blown deeper than others on the market, especially at the top where extra helmet room is essential. They allow the pilot greater freedom of movement in daily operations.

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Windshield RH

  • Windshield RH
  • Part Number206B-1001-2
  • OEM Number206-031-115-003, 206-031-115-007, 206-031-115-011, 206-031-115-030, 206-031-115-032, 206-031-115-041, 206-031-115-104, 206-031-115-105, 206-031-115-134

Skylight LH

  • Skylight LH
  • Part Number206B-1003-1
  • OEM Number206-031-108-007, 206-031-108-015, 206-031-108-025, 206-031-108-027, 206-031-108-033, 206-031-108-1001

Skylight RH

  • Skylight RH
  • Part Number206B-1003-2
  • OEM Number206-031-108-008, 206-031-108-026, 206-031-108-028, 206-031-108-034, 206-031-108-1002