In addition to all standard windows, we offer custom and quick-change options. Our Quick-change windows mount with a rubber seal and can be used as a replacement for the traditional rivet-in installation. These windows save installation time by eliminating rivets and repainting.

Our OH58A, A+, C windows are available in blue, clear or gray tint, as well as your choice of White or Black Track/Edging.

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Bell OH58A Helicopter | Tech-Tool Plastics

Skylight LH

  • Skylight LH
  • Part Number206B-1003-1OH58
  • OEM Number206-031-108-025, 206-031-108-027, 206-031-108-033
Bell OH58A Helicopter | Tech-Tool Plastics

Skylight RH

  • Skylight RH
  • Part Number206B-1003-2OH58
  • OEM Number206-031-108-026, 206-031-108-028, 206-031-108-034